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We process all payments using PayPal's high security system, this means that none of your payment details are stored on our servers or in our databases. PayPal allows customers to pay with their PayPal account or via a credit or debit card if they do not have a functional PayPal account at the time of payment. 

PayPal accepts a wide variety of currencies and allows you to checkout in your own native currency, PayPal will then exchange the rates into GBP for us. In the unfortunate event that PayPal does not operate in your country of origin we sadly cannot your order.

PayPal uses a valid (EV) SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) certificate to encrypt data on its domain. For businesses with a high profile brand, using Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates has proven to be an effective defence against phishing scams. Look out for the green address bar to indicate the (EV) SSL. PayPal is a PCI compliant business.
Last Updated: 28-10-2012
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